It all started in 2010 with Isidro Moreno, and José Luis Pastor (2012), Ignacio Flores (2013), José Manuel Núñez (2015) and Josep Turmo (2020) joined the team.

O3 Protégelo is a project that was born in its origins as a company oriented and committed to the Environment. Our main concern and mission are to improve people's quality of life. In fact, O3 is the Ozone molecule, and is part of the identity of the company name and the device (it protects the ozone layer).

Isidro Moreno, is a restless person, who is passionate about discovering things, he is always assembling and disassembling any device, and therefore the inventor of this device (hydrocarbon catalyst).
mejora del rendimiento energético
After long years of research and development from the first inquiries about the project, this has led to what today can be a revolution in the way of treating hydrocarbons, and that helps humanity to have the combustion / explosion domain.

All this, and some gifts of patience and a sense of responsibility, result in a device (hydrocarbon catalyst), which, installed in any engine / vehicle that runs on gasoline / diesel (A, B and C), is capable by itself to reduce directly and immediately the emissions of polluting gases emitted by engines / vehicles, and thereby achieve a higher quality of life and more breathable air.

The O3 Protégelo® device manages to carry out a catalyst process, and the fuel is prepared for a better use of the hydrocarbon (95% on average), which results in a more perfect / cleaner combustion / explosion, with the consequent reduction of polluting fumes and gases, at the same time and by burning more % of the fuel dose, the engine sees its power increased.

If this increase in power is used correctly (driving at the same speed as usual), a reduction in fuel consumption is achieved.

menos emisiones en vehículos

Duration and Effectiveness

Fuel (gasoline, diesel A, B or C) circulates continuously inside the O3 Protégelo® device; motivated by this process after TWO YEARS, its replacement is recommended.

All O3 Protégelo® products express our commitment and responsibility with quality and the Environment.

Quality control and guarantee

All our products pass an exhaustive Quality Control and are guaranteed for a period of TWO YEARS.